Armadillo in Green & Gold
Armadillo in Green & Gold
Judith Pudden

Armadillo in Green & Gold

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Armadillos are naturally awesome, so they are pretty hard to improve on. They are descended from the Glyptodon, a prehistoric mammal that could grow to the size and shape of a Volkswagen Beetle. They have armour. The three-banded armadillo can roll up into a ball when threatened. What makes my armadillos better than other armadillos? It’s the rhinestones. My armadillos have rhinestone scales.

Based on a 1774 illustration of Dasypus tricinctus (Brazilian three-banded armadillo)’ from ‘Die Såugthiere in Abbildungen Nach Der Natur

The armadillo is 4.5 inches wide, stitched by hand on 5x7 inch 100% cotton watercolour paper, which means that it will pop right into any commercial frame in that size, and be ready to hang on your wall. 

Materials: Korean paper, acrylic rhinestones, glass bead, and cotton floss on cotton paper.