How it's made

I'm often asked how I get my stitches so even, and I have two answers: 1. I'm just really, really good at stitching 2. I make patterns for everything I measure all my stitches out by hand with a pencil and a ruler, and then scan the illustration and use Photoshop to place little red dots for each stitch. The image is then cleaned up, and I have a pattern I can print out and use over and over. Creating the patterns is the most time-consuming part of my process.  The pattern is laid over the paper image, and I use a...

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Costume Museums

Links to original dresses in museum collections have been added to descriptions

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Welcome to the new shop!

I finally decided to take the plunge and move my website over to Shopify, an e-commerce platform! Some things have stayed the same (my website is still pink) and some things are new (you can now shop on my website!). Thanks to some excellent assistance from Susmitha at Digital Main Street, the process of setting up my new shop was so much easier than I expected, and involved minimal cursing on my part. Digital Main Street is sponsored by various levels of government, and through their ShopHERE program they provide free assistance to Ontario small businesses and artists wanting to open...

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