Hawksbill Turtle in Orange & Red
Hawksbill Turtle in Orange & Red
Judith Pudden

Hawksbill Turtle in Orange & Red

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Hawksbill turtles are very serious creatures. They like to pontificate, and can often be found lecturing nests of younger turtles. Or older turtles. Any turtles, really. They are the professors of the turtle world.

Based on a 1754 illustration of Testudo caretta (Loggerhead sea turtle) from ‘The Natural History of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands’.

The turtle is 4.5 inches wide, stitched by hand on 5x7 inch 100% cotton watercolour paper, which means that it will pop right into any commercial frame in that size, and be ready to hang on your wall. 

Materials: Nepalese paper, glass bead, and cotton floss on cotton paper.